photo-littleThe sequel to the furry adventure game  Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, first released by New World Computing in 1994, is being produced by The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Company – and they need your help!  Their Kickstarter campaign will let you not only donate, but become part of both gaming and furry fandom history.

The campaign goal is only $135,000 USD, which is very low for any sort of computer game these days, but they’re already off to a flying start with nearly five thousand dollars pledged so far and 26 days to go.

The game takes place after both the original game and the webcomic story “Little Wolf Lost.” The Morph Tribes of the Known Lands continue their efforts to live with the apparent destruction of the Orb of Storms, a artifact which they once used to predict the weather. There are rumors of the Orb’s survival, but none are credible. Even Rif the Fox, who tried to retrieve the stolen Orb, discounts these rumors. But the arrival of a chieftess’ daughter, with a startling revelation, leads to Rif embarking on a new adventure.

The original adventure game Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb,  developed at The Dreamers Guild and first released by New World Computing in 1994, was a modest success – but it had a loyal and devoted following in the furry community which at the time was just discovering its identity within the broader social phenomenon we collectively call “fandom”.  The game was eventually ported to Linux and IOS and is even available in the Apple app store. The weekly online comic was created by Allison Hershey and Joe Pearce, co-creators of the original game. Allison draws the strip, and she and Joe write it.  Together they’re the new curators of the ITE legacy.

Like its predecessor, Inherit The Earth 2will be an engaging adventure game where exploration, puzzle-solving and story-telling are the major aspects of the game play. Many of the crew that made the original game on board.  The original game suffered from marketing and content decisions made by the original publishers who had no clue the furry fandom community even existed,  and who thought talking animals would only appeal to small children.  Those constraints are now gone, and Worm out of the way, they’re free to create this new game their own way and do the material justice.

They’re upgrading the pitch video for this with dialog from the main character, a fox named Rif – but this is a Kickstarter campaign, and every day, every hour, counts.  We didn’t want to wait for them to do that before we told you about it.

It’s a pivotal moment in gaming and furry history. And it’s a very very deserving project.  We hope you’ll agree and make a donation.

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