The Justice League, as imagined in this Alex Ross painting.

Last June, we reported that Warner Bros. was considering doing a Justice League movie, but we were a bit puzzled as to how they’d go about it. They’d need a string of hit movies to build it on, and so far the results (except for The Dark Knight Rises) have been less than amazing.  They’re also lacking the motivating visionary at the core of everything they’re doing who understands how to put something like this together, unlike Marvel Studios who seems to have this problem figured out via Joss Whedon and his amazing unifying vision of the Avengers.

Still, three months ago a script was supposedly being written, and now there’s a new announcement posted recently by Variety that Warner Bros. has been speaking to Ben Affleck about directing Gangster Squad screenwriter Will Beall’s  screenplay – which we assume hasn’t even been written yet.  Stranger things have happened, and this is Hollywood, after all – but it sounds to us like they’re busy over there not making movies, but making deals.

Will Warner Bros. pull a rabbit out of their collective hat and make a Justice League movie worth seeing?  Much depends on whether Man of Steelperforms as expected.  Though the released trailer looks more promising than we first thought, they still have some critical boxes to check off before success can be assured.

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