Rob Pratt's classic Bizarro

Rob Pratt’s classic Bizarro

Last year animator Robb Pratt created a hand animated fan film called “Superman Classic”. Not only is this rare as teeth on a duck because of how labor intensive hand animation is, Pratt did a masterful job. Now today he’s released the second in what we hope will be a series of odes to the essence of Superman, called “Bizzaro Classic”.

The character design is a departure from anything I’ve ever seen before on this subject material – it has an appeal that’s hard to define, but is immediately engaging. The biggest problem is that it’s over all too quickly – but then, it’s also hand animated, and it really does take time to do this at all, let alone do it well. It all makes more sense when you go to Mr. Pratt’s web site and discover that he’s a Disney animator and storyboard artist.

Watch the first film and Pratt’s commentary – then watch the second one, and listen carefully to the sound track. During Bizzaro’s sequences, it’s backwards. What a brilliant touch.

We’re very pleased to have stumbled across Robb Pratt’s work, and we’re even more pleased to be able to share it with you.


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