As incredible as this digital painting by Chris Bonura is, it's just one of the jaw-dropping designs you can see at

Concept artists are the unsung heroes of the science fiction genre as a visual medium, and they’re the guys that actually design all that great stuff that keeps you up at night dreaming about what it would be like to fly one / drive one / own one.

Assuming that the story line doesn’t suck, and the characters are people we care about, the first thing we notice about a space thriller is the ships themselves.  Do they pass the cool test?  Do they make us yearn to be in that world just so we can get our clumsy paws on one of these sweet rides?

In keeping with Internet Rule #34 (“if it exists, there is porn of it”) , we stumbled across what you could only call a space ship porn site.  Concept Ships is full of really nothing but amazing concept art that just makes you want to climb right into the screen and seize the controls for yourself.  Visit this site and the first thing you’re treated to is a Flash animation of a guy on a small podracer.  It looks insanely dangerous, and insanely fun.

Also in the same family of sites are

  • Concept Robots
  • Concept Tanks
  • Concept Vehicles

There are new posts pretty much every day, and artists are encouraged to submit their own work for display.  What appear to our eyes to be the finest concept artists in the world submit their work to these sites for everyone to enjoy.  If you’re an artist or a designer yourself, you’ll find endless inspiration in these sites.  If you’re a fan, just look through the sites and enjoy the eye candy.

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