Nikomimi mind controlled niko ears will be available in Japan on April 28th.

This one is just so strange and so cute we couldn’t pass it up.

Neko ears are something anime artists have been putting on their characters for years.  You literally can’t count the number of anime characters that have them – but they’ve always had one big problem:  they’re static.  They’re cute, and fun, but they’re just things you stick on your head at the end of the day, aren’t they?

Not anymore.  Now your neko ears (“neko”  is the Japanese word for “cat”, by the way) can reflect your moods and your attention by reading your brainwaves, adding a level of expressiveness to your face previously unattainable.  Have a look at this video.  We can see where these things are going to be very popular amongst the furry set.  They’ll be released April 28th in Japan.  There is no release date scheduled for the United States yet.

Have you noticed that the big jumps in technology always seem to happen first in the toy market?  Now mind controlled devices are becoming common-place. 

From the YouTube page on the ears:

We created new human’s organs that use brain wave sensor.  “necomimi”is the new communication tool that augments human’s body and ability.  “necomimi”will be released in the end of this year.  Price, color and any other gadgets are undecided. When we announce about the product,  we will tell you in website or facebook.  Join the neurowear fan page on facebook
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