Webisode Series “A Superhero Story” Shows Real Promise

By Staff Editor and Media Critic, PK

A Superhero Story follows the adventures of The Beacon and Techno G, two hapless wannabe Superheroes who happen to have actual super powers. When not stumbling about in their attempts to protect the city and its inhabitants, they spend their time at The Academy, a school for heroes which attempts to teach young people with powers, how to control them. This in the wake of the once legendary Superhero team The Fearless Five, which has disbanded leaving the city to be protected by a government operated security/police force known as The Patrol, which tries to stop criminals and heroes alike.

I happened to come across this on YouTube, and have to say I’m fairly impressed. For a small group with no corporate backing, the creative team of Cory Yee and David Penner have put together an internet based live-action television show that rivals that of some Disney made television series. Ok, so I admit that I have a pretty low opinion of a lot of the Disney and Nickelodeon made live-action TV shows, but watching A Superhero Story showed that this troop had the ability to muster effects and acting talent fairly on par with some big budget networks. That’s not saying much for the big corp networks who over-spend millions to produce shows that are barely watchable, except by those going through puberty. I respect the shows that can be watched by old and young alike, and this show fits the bill perfectly, aside from some mild adult language.

My frigid critic’s heart tells me that I should lambast this internet television attempt over effects, writing, and especially acting. However, since the show was set to be a comedy aimed at lampooning other hero shows, there are at times when I’m unsure if some of the acting is bad on purpose or not. That being said, looking beyond the lack of major funds, and the comparisons in quality to an episode of the Power Rangers. I found A Superhero Story to have what a lot of new start up productions don’t, and that’s true talent, and more importantly, heart. Yes the acting is goofy on purpose, and the dialog seems odd at times, leaving you to wonder if that was really supposed to be part of the scene or not. But from what I’ve seen and read, the team at Kids In Capes Productions, founded in 2010 by Cory Yee and David Penner, feels to have a bright future ahead of them.

This show is billed as a superhero action comedy, and rightfully so. There are currently only two episodes available, which feature the first and second half of the pilot episode. Having watched both, it’s really great to see more independent studios adding to the Superhero genre and not taking it as seriously as others. Cory and David as they say on their website, sought out to make a comedy show because of too many hero shows which were over-dramatic and took themselves way too seriously. And while this web-series may not win any Emmys or Oscars for writing or effects, I’m willing to give it 5 out of 5 Stars for a wonderful pilot episode.

Starring: David Penner as The Beacon, Paul Romero as Techno G, Jeff Ahern as Professor Thompson, Kamila Korz as Seductivolt, Candice Nunes as Allison Bridges, with Andrew Buehler as Tracy Morris.

The crew at SCIFI.radio is eagerly awaiting the next episodes of A Superhero Story, and our best wishes to the cast and crew at Kids In Capes Productions, we love your work!





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