So what do actors who play superheroes do on their day off?

Ben & Josh Shelton are behind the camera for these comedic shorts about the strange life of television and voice actor Tim Daly.  They’re done once every three or four weeks, and they seem to exist in another universe where the laws of man and nature are suspended for the sake of slap-stick situation comedy.  This episode stars Tim Daly and his son Sam Daly, with guest star Nathan Fillion, and featuring a cameo by Michael Rosenbaum.  Tim Daly, Fillion and Rosenbaum are fresh off their roles as Superman, the Green Lantern and the Flash in the new direct-to-video movie Justice League: Doom, but apparently still have a little steam left in them.

“I thought it couldn’t get any better.  Then Nathan pulled the hammer out of his pants.”

See the entire series on the SheltonFilms.com Youtube channel.

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