On January 12, 2012, we announced our “1000th Fan” Facebook Contest, and today on January 30 we have a winner!

That winner is you, Lisa Erb of Dinkelsbühl, Germany! We’ll be sending your CD as soon as we hear from you!

Your prize is a copy of Shawn Tutt’s “No Audible Dialog”. Special thanks to Shawn Tutt for his generosity in providing the prize for our first contest here on SCIFI.radio.

Sean’s album features such Browncoat-friendly tunes as  “I’m Leaving You (For a Browncoat)”, “Felicia Day”, and a song about Captain Mal Reynolds’ home planet?  His style ranges from the clearly folk-inspired songs like “Shadow” (the aforementioned song about Mal Reynolds’ home planet featuring wonderful backing vocals from Marian Call) to the whimsical tale of waiting in line for hours to meet Felicia Day, to his more rock-bluesy songs like “Out Here, Out There”. There’s also a strong Mellencamp vibe running through these songs, especially on the chilled rock guitars of “Fall Down”.

Once again, Lisa, congratulations from all of us – and thanks for helping us make SCIFI.radio great!

The SCIFI.radio Staff

(P.S. – in the case of unclaimed prizes, the next fans to sign up after Lisa will be eligible to win the Shawn Tutt album.)

SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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