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Harry Potter series author author J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter series author author J.K. Rowling

Pottermore is an upcoming interactive website by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and sponsored by Sony.  The site promises a new reading experience centered around the seven Harry Potter novels with additional content written by Rowling fleshing out background information and settings as well as user-generated content expanding the story of Harry Potter.

There was much excitement when it was announced that Pottermore would be holding a contest for early registration at the free website. Over 7 days starting on July 31st, and ending August 7 a clue was posted on the Pottermore site which lead to a registration page for approximately 143,000 users per day for a total of one million registrations by the contest’s end. Registrations will be open to everyone starting October, 2011.

Enthusiasm for the site has been overwhelming and many people are anxious to see the site before the October open registration and a market for free Pottermore accounts have been selling on ebay and other sites for as much as $100.  Selling of the early registration accounts from the contest is against the terms of service, and Pottermore may cancel any accounts found to have been sold on secondary markets.

The enthusiasm for Pottermore has opened the floodgates for malicious schemes usually centered on the premise of granting early access to the site. Sites claiming to be selling or giving away Pottermore accounts are being used to gather personal information and deliver malware. There are Youtube videos which claim to be instructional on how to sign up for a Pottermore beta account which if followed will just lead you to one of these early-registration scams.

As of this date there are no legitimate ways to gain early access to the Pottermore site other than the million contest winners, and one should be wary of any claims to the contrary.  Pottermore will be open to everyone in October, and the site wll be free. You can submit your email address at the official site to be notified when registration is open. All other sites claiming to represent Pottermore should be treated as suspect.

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